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Jan 14, 2012

It’s already the middle of January?

I have pictures to post on my blog from our Christmas celebration, I really do.  I look at recent posts and I realize – time is flying by…faster and faster. It seems that only Facebook has seen posts from me lately, so I have been thinking – I want to get back to my blog. I miss it.

Most likely my readership will have to be rebuilt and my page ranking, but that’s not what my blog was ever about anyway.  Not really.  I love blogging, remember?  At least when I had time to blog, I did.  Looking back at my posts, I see many favorites and it gives me the itch to start this up again…more frequently.

So let’s hear from you.  Anybody still out there? Anyone…Anyone… (I’m hearing crickets Smile) Do you even want to keep up with this “Solo DOT mom’s” life – even through the lens of a thumbnail view?

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