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Jul 5, 2013

We Closed... so we could begin the next chapter

We closed.

The day finally arrived.  We closed on OUR house.  The house we had fallen in love with about 60 days ago, the house that more than once I was told wasn't going to happen because my current home didn't yet have a buyer.  That house miraculously was now OURS.

The house - I will refer to as Rue 17 is OUR 'NEW' home.

Chad and I were giddy like kids at Christmas the day of the closing. And the more we work on getting it ready to move in - the more we fall in love with that big old house.

He is presently sanding all 2000 square feet of hardwoods.

Here are some shots of the floors in "before" pics:

It had some pretty rough floors.  But the floors are a hundred years old (and they are pretty)!  So we are thrilled they look this good!

Yes Rue 17 was built in 1919 and I believe those are indeed the original floors - at least for the most part they are.

Tomorrow I will post some photos of the sanding job - the excellent sanding job Chad is doing as we move forward toward the task of cleaning them and adding the poly coat....

Till then,

Find yourself and find your heart's dream - keeping it real.

Mini DIY Mom

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