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Oct 1, 2013

The leaves are changing and the walls are changing

The leaves are changing and the walls are too! I am so excited about Fall this year. (And yes, I do realize Christmas is just around the corner and the house isn't anywhere near ready, yes I do know that.)

But I am excited for Fall and I am excited about the process and progress, slow though it may be at the house - our dream home.

The walls of the stairwell and foyer are progressing nicely... and I get giddy thinking about how far they have come from this... (which shows the underlayer beneath the 6-8 layers of wallpaper that was taken down by none other than "my charming")

...to being washed, patched and sanded as the primer coat is being applied starting at the top of the stairwell:

Can you see the early signs of the transformation?

Yeah, I can too.

This is from the top of the stairs, that round wall goes around to the side hallway. Chad and I love that rounded corner.

So the transformation, remodel is coming along... and the walls are changing as quickly as the leaves on the trees.

Check back for more progress updates.

How is your current "home improvement" project coming?

Find yourself....

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