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Oct 31, 2013

A Sneak Peek at the Progress....

As we renovate our 100 year old house ---- as it becomes more and more "our home," I wanted to share some of the snapshots of the process.  Remember the early days of the stairwell before we sanded and refinished those lovely hardwood floors. Even then it had character.....


...then the paper was coming down, all 6-8 layers of it, and it took Chad weeks while working overtime at his regular job to get this monstrous task completed:

And now it's getting closer to the final look --for the stairwell and the foyer at least- with primer on the plaster and this lovely paint we agreed upon, a sea-glass-greenish color called "restful" from Behr:

The house is still in construction mode.... (which he tells me it will be for the next 10 years with some project at some level)...

Photo: He's hard at work before he goes into work! #renovation #this oldhouse

...but he has promised me we will get to a stopping point in time for me to decorate for the Christmas holidays....

I just hope my charming's idea of "in time" isn't waiting until Christmas Eve to decorate!

Love #thisoldhouse becoming #ourhome.

Find yourself, in a mess, but keeping it real!

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