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May 14, 2014

It has been a while

Unless you follow me on Instagram.com or Facebook, you may not know what we have been up to lately.

Well our lives seem to never slow down.  They get more or less challenging and constantly are changing; but no, they don't slow down.  With five kids between Chad and me as a blended family, it is just not possible to understand 'slow' in our world. Fast, chaotic, misunderstood, loud, and forgiving are all well understood, but not 'slow.'

Since January the following has taken place:

  • Chad's middle child, Rachel is now living with us.
  • Chad and I took a short trip as a get-away of sorts and stayed at a quaint bed and breakfast in a vintage old house, made into an Inn.
Magnolia Inn
  • Jas started and finished his spring semester at VA Tech. He has now completed his first year of college, which blows.my.mind!
  • Jas and Laura
  • Jas went with Laura to her Senior Prom.
  • Kassity and I had a girl's weekend out of town where we went to meet her boyfriend's family and stayed with them for a few days.
  • Chad started the renovation of the "parlor" and is stripping wallpaper and prepping walls for their next step, a coat of paint.
The Parlor - mid-renovation
  • We are STILL trying to sell my other house and have resorted to trying to rent it out at the present time.
  • I registered for a college class being offered by Harvard online as an audit course that starts in the fall.
  • Chad bought Rachel a puppy.
  • Echo
  • I am making my own body wash out of natural ingredients and loving the results.

So, where do I begin with sharing about all these things?

I will start tomorrow at the top and give a summary of each of these highlights from our journey of 2014.

Kat - 

Solo Dot Mom - got married and is MINI diy MOM

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