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Jan 25, 2016

How to Get Better Sleep

Sleep is so very important. Our bodies renew and rejuvenate overnight and they were created to do that through sleeping and that include deep sleep.  Good sleep patterns will improve not only your mood, but your cognitive abilities during the day, your memory, as well as your health and wellness.

So when you wake up night after night after night at around 3 AM and lay awake for another hour or so before falling back to sleep - that can be frustrating.  Trust me - I know.  Been there, done that way way too many times.

But what can we do to improve our sleep and the longevity of that sleep?

Well I have been doing some research.  Here is a summary of things you can try:
  • Establish a bed-time routine. 
    • Use this time to meditate and pray - getting all of the day's worries off your mind and into God's hands.  Also thank Him for the good things about that day.  This will remind you of your blessings and release your troubles.
    • Make a list for your upcoming day of activities - get all those reminders off your mind and in your phone "listing app" or on paper.
    • Include a relaxation playlist of music and be consistent on what time you rest each night. You can start that music as you start your bed-time routine, washing our face, brushing teeth, etc.  Or you can just start the music when you are finally in the bed and ready to wind down and sleep.  Either way can be beneficial.  I do this regularly and it makes a huge difference in getting my mind to calm down from the day's activities. Here is my list: 
  • Make your sleeping environment comfortable.
    • Reduce clutter in your room.
    • Use comfortable sheets and clean them regularly.  I love these super cozy sheets I found that are microfiber and very soft.
  • Supplement mineral/vitamin deficiencies.
    • Incorporate a higher magnesium intake (since an alarming majority of Americans are deficient in this important mineral) - through supplements or better yet through application to your skin. 
    • Here is a recipe for Magnesium Oil you can make at home.
    • Take some "sleepy dust" just before dozing off.  Salt and honey combination can assist with your body closing down for the night - here is a recipe for the amounts of sugar and salt to use and how much to take at bed-time.  But I prefer to use raw honey and sea salt.
  • Be mindful of the "resting zone."
    • Don't use electronics when you awaken in the middle of the night.  Just don't.
    • Don't turn on bright lights.
    • Don't start back over your list of things to do - if they come to mind - write them down and then forget them.  But try to do this before dozing the first time.
Some of these ideas were found in articles by nutritionist bloggers like Dr. Axe and Wellness Mama. They are the most prominent ideas/tips I have found and I am incorporating them into my personal routine to get into a more consistent and more continuous sleep pattern. 

Let me know what you have found to be helpful in getting a "good night's sleep."

Leave your comments below.

*Disclosure regarding discounted products received in part as a review.

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