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Nov 6, 2014

First natural hair care and now natural makeup

You remember my big claims for soap nuts.  If not you need to read about them.  I still use them in this natural hair care journey I am on.... but now, I am mixing them with Shikakai and Amla and I like that combination EVEN BETTER!

Going "no-poo" has been quite the journey.  And I will share more about the ups and downs and the trials and ERRORS in another post.

But now I have started to branch out into replacing more and more products that I use on a daily basis.  Especially those products that I apply to my face and body.  With that I am venturing out into some DIY recipes for foundation and makeup.  I like some that I am experimenting with but I didn't want to have to purchase the "extra" natural chemicals that I needed for the 'sunscreen' factor.

So that led me to the big new find:  Joppa Minerals.  I just found out about them and researched their ingredients and I am impressed.  And with all their COLORS, I decided to purchase some samples to get me started and try out a few.

I can't wait for them to come in.  I am totally psyched too because they are $10 dollars cheaper than the SAME size in the Bare Escentuals brand (which I have heard bad things about).  So with them being a safer more natural product AND TEN DOLLARS CHEAPER for a full size- How can I go wrong!?

As soon as I can try out my samples, I will post my reviews.

To visit JOPPA MINERALS Click Here.

Till next time, my DIY friends......

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