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Jul 18, 2014

Soap Nuts - Shout from the house top - I LOVE SOAP NUTS

As i continue on my no-poo journey, I am making some headway - Ha get it!? head-way... anywho, I digress.  I wasn't yet crazy with how my hair "felt" after the rosemary/borax wash combo.  And I will probably still do a rinse with the rosemary 'tea' but I won't have that as my first choice of wash anymore with the Borax.   But i will know if I need to switch to something - it's a possibility.

So after I wasn't crazy with the results, I continued to read and read and search about no-poo and low-poo methods online.  I found tons of stuff and testimonials and alternative "no-poo" recipes and options.  I was especially hooked on all the information they have on a Facebook page, for No Poo / Low Poo .  Here is where I learned more about my new found love "Soap Nuts" and their links that lead me to more and more information, which convinced me to buy them and try them......

I love my soap nuts.

And they really aren't nuts, (and btw, neither am I) even though my husband might tell you differently right now as he watches my obsession play out with all my endless research and hours on the internet.

They are soap berries.  All natural dried berries from trees that are found in both the eastern and western hemispheres, but are native to India and Nepal.

And here is the link where i found a great recipe....from Wellness Mama's blogsite.

I followed it precisely and haven't frozen any of it yet from my batch made Tuesday night - but have washed twice with the results and may wash again this weekend to use it up.   Next time I plan to modify it a little in order to use less "berries" by simply adding boiling water to a "thermos," let it "brew" overnight, allowing it to steep and come to room temp.  This may give me enough for only 1 wash, potentially, so I don't have to let it spoil.  If that doesn't work - I will start to freeze portions of my batch so I don't have to add a preservative.

Basic Recipe Soap Nuts "no poo" hair wash:

5 Soap "nuts" / berries... placed into a muslin bag and tied up.

Use distilled water...

 3 cups total of distilled water.  But start with 2 cups....

Boil in your pot: the muslin bag in 2 cups water.
Then lower heat and cover to simmer for 30 minutes before adding that 3rd cup.
Let steep after adding last cup till liquid is room temp.

And that's it!  You should end up with a brownish liquid.

When I use it to wash my hair, I use about a cup's worth of this tan/brown liquid and apply it to dry hair and start at my roots but let it run down the length.  Then I massage it into my scalp and clamp my hair up on top my head and let it sit for 10 minutes before I rinse in my shower.  During this time, I oil cleanse my face. 

And beware - do not get this in your eyes.  It will feel like pepper spray from what I have read.

Keep on keeping on your hair journey - DIY friends.... It gets better!!!

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