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Jul 6, 2014

No-poo continues....

Okay we are about a month in with this NO-POO thing!  For the last few weeks I have been removing sulfates and commercially common shampoos from the regimen and in-turn almost having to remove the use of "cones" found in most of the products and processes applied to my hair.

The cones did their job but they also would continue to build up and require sulfates to remove them.  So I am trying to eliminate them, for the most part, also from my regimen.

"Cones" are in everything from the conditioners I used to the leave-in detanglers, to the heat protectant serums. EVERYTHING that I loved most when using my hair products has some form of "cone" in it.  So this experiment/change for me, is drastic and I am still trying the experiment to judge for myself my own satisfaction with the results.

So at about a month trying no-poo, what do I think?

I think there is A.L.O.T of information out there of attempts and trials and grand results of going no-poo.  From the extreme water-only washing to the co-washing (conditioners only) and natural ingredient shampoo bars to making concoctions of my latest find using none-other than BORAX.

So I am going to try Borax diluted with water as my next attempt at no-poo.  

My Original Borax and Rosemary Hair Wash Recipe 7/6/2014 = 
Boil 1/2 gallon of water and add 1 1/2 tablespoons (roughly) of dried rosemary herb. Let that come to a full boil for about 20 minutes.  Strain the herb (after doing this recipe I realized I should have let the rosemary steep longer to get a more intense color for helping with the grey hair and that might help the scent to be stronger in the after effects; oh well- so next time...) and in a glass bowl while the water is still warm add a cup of Borax.  Let the Borax dissolve by stirring.  Then use a funnel to poor the solution into a gallon size jug.  Add distilled water to complete the gallon for proportion (pretty close).  Refrigerate the solution.
Up until now I have been happy with my results of using the natural only ingredient conditioning cleanser I found from the folks at Renpure.  But I wanted to try to get this strategy a bit more 'economical' with all the reviews I have read about less washing and using simple products.  I don't use the ACV rinse as much anymore because I have been using the natural conditioning cleanser, but I may have to add ACV to the routine with the Borax (there are mixed reviews on that). However, the biggest change for me as I continue this will be the delays in washing my hair.  I have only went a couple days or so (without washing my hair) during the transition period and now I am on day 3 from my last hair/scalp wash (which was following my root touch up with permanent color -- I know -- don't judge). And my scalp is still clean, not flaky and to my surprise - NOT OILY AT ALL.  And that last wash was using a Renpure product with Argon oil.

All my life I have had to shampoo by the next day and at the most by day 2 after washing because of the oil buildup on my scalp being unbearable.  So this is the best part for me. That and the fact I haven't had to deal with dandruff since this started.  That was an infrequent issue for me anyway, but still something I had to deal with every couple weeks or so when i would get flakes and build up on my scalp.

Another recent find I like -- but remember a LITTLE goes a LONG WAY with this product -- is grapeseed oil.  I don't recommend it for cooking - from my research finds, but for hair and skin it has the reputation of being AMAZING.  and it is cheap!  I am liking the results so far.

My hair is down to my waist, so my ends are dry and challenged after so much over-abundance and abuse of the "cones" that I'm no longer making available to them. Every dimethicone known to man as been caked on my ends at some point... so I try to baby the ends of my hair with oils - but again - A LITTLE goes a LONG WAY peeps. (Place a few drops in your hand, rub your palms together till you just see a sheen coating, then rub your palms through the ends of your hair first and working your way up.  Don't apply this oil to your scalp unless you are doing  a scalp treatment for dander or dryness.

I have made my concoction as you see in the recipe above with the Borax and rosemary herb. (I saw the rosemary as an ingredient in someone's hair rinse.)  I am going to try them together as my next round for scalp washing.  And I do plan to follow with an ACV rinse (this time I have added coconut water) and see how I like those results.

If you care, follow my posts and keep up with my findings.  I will let you know what I think soon.

Are you co-washing, doing an alternate version of no-poo, or going fully no-poo?

Are you considering the no-poo challenge?

Share your experiences in the comments...
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