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Jun 11, 2014

I can't stop touching my hair

At least, that is what I "used" to say....

This post is about the "transition" waxy period and my current saga of going without commercial sulfate shampoo to more natural methods and shampoo bar cleansing for my hair.  So this not an official "no-poo" post, but close.  At the very least I am dealing with the same issues as those in transition for completely no-poo hair care.

I have always been a fanatic about hair care.  I take pride in how my hair looks for the day and it has always been a top rated item in my list of "to-do's" for personal hygiene. This was true even before I was 15 and started working in a hair salon as a shampoo-girl.  But those few years definitely enhanced my hair faring obsession.

Now at the tender age of having two teenage children and 3 stepchildren, I am still going at it, trying to better my care of hair.

I'm obsessed with shampoo bars. Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar - for dry and damaged hair. $6.00, via Etsy.

So with my current fetish with cleansing sans "bad chemicals," I started to try all-natural hair cleansers and moved on to the all-natural, made by hand, shampoo bars.  This is where the waxy gunk started to accumulate in massive proportions on the shafts of my "down-to-my-waist" length of hair.  There were days I was going to work and felt like I hadn't washed my hair in weeks. Even though I just washed and dried it.

I tried the diy-vinegar rinses, distilled water rinse, and even purchased a shower head filter (because I knew we must have hard water).  But I was still being left with the "waxies."

Those who have conquered their transition phase say this period of the waxies will pass over time. And yet, I have an important conference out of town next week where I will be working and I do not want this new "heavy waxed state" to be my hair's tale to tell. So I have decided to start again AFTER that event is behind me.

Admittedly I have already used some sulfate induced clarifying shampoo to get me past the waxies during this phase, so when I start again, I hope to be able to steer away from that temptation and take the time to weather the storm of the waxies and just wait it out.

I have continued to do a lot of research of trial and errors that people have done to get through this transition phase, whether they were using the shampoo bars that were all natural or going completely 'poo-free,' we all seem to be dealing with the same waxy buildup and the same description of our hair-mess.

So when I found this link:  http://no-poo.livejournal.com/586755.html, I was happy; and yes I do plan to try eggs next because she found them successful as a treatment in her attempts of many recipes. And here's another link: http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/archive/index.php/t-73056.html   which is from a thread of responses about the same problem, and their find? Club soda! So I want to try that too!! (And here's a link for how to use the club soda on your hair.)

But if I have to carry sulfate shampoo with me to my conference next week, no judging, eh?

And when I get back and can restrict my hair care to the non-chemical methods, I will keep you posted of my journey to more natural tresses.


Formerly SOLO dot MOM

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