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Jun 22, 2007

Mom, My Hero, My Very Best Friend
1937 - 2007

I never thought when I posted on June 12 last week that in the middle of the night, 3:45AM on Wednesday morning to be exact, Dr. Ball would be calling me and say..... "Your mom is gone." I didn't register it... it couldn't be... gone ... what? did she walk out of her hospital room?... no I knew what he meant.... she had left this world for her eternal reward in Heaven. Oh it hurts terribly to even type it out as reality right now... and its been over a week ago now...

The Funeral for MOM was beautiful. Her and our former pastor of 17 years (Tim Coalter) came back to Roanoke to share her main eulogy and our current pastor (Milton Atkins) officiated. Roses were the theme, from the intricate detail on her casket in red roses, to the huge mounding bouquet of Red Roses from us, her children and her grandchildren, on to the poem titled, "My Roses" my sister wrote on the night after she left us, and finally to the song we used as background on the slide show of her photos and we had a friend of the family to sing live at the funeral itself.

She was our perfect rose in our life and now she has obtained her new body and her new mind as she rejoices for running the race.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, your prayers, your cards, your calls, and your special caring for the family during this time.

We love her and miss her and will forever long for her presence; but do know that we will see her again, someday as we live for Him.
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