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Jan 2, 2008

The Top 10 of 2007

Well as 2007 ended, many were listing the top 10 or top 100 from 2007, the best dressed, the worst dressed, the most famous news stories, the most infamous stories and the like. I, as all of the world, also reviewed my 2007.... what a year... so here is the top 10.... top 10 what... i don't know ... not exactly are they the top 10 best moments, nor the worst... (well one is maybe the hardest thing ever) but impacting --- very impacting was 2007... and with a grateful heart and full of hope, I look forward to 2008.

1. January 2007 - Broke up with previous boyfriend from 2006.
2. January 2007 - Happy had to have surgery. (our dog of 10 years)
3. April 2007 - Kassity had surgery - emergency surgery on a cyst that had appeared on her and had gotten infected.
4. April 2007 - Starting communicating with new guy... possible dating interest (and also got a new puppy - Jovi)
5. June 2007 - mom came down with pneumonia
6. June 2007 - mom wasn't able to fight the pneumonia and lost the battle... but is now in a better place.
7. August 2007 - relationship #2 ended with the "new guy", short lived
8. September 2007 - Gramma got infection and wasn't able to fight it... and now is also in a better place.
9. Christmas 2007 - Different this year with Mom and Gramma gone; but the family had a good Christmas and remembered both of them lovingly.
10. New Years Eve ... looking forward to 2008....

Top Trips in 2007
1. Biltmore Estate, NC
2. Beach Trip - Wilmington, NC and area beaches off coast of NC
3. Burlington, NC
4. Cleveland, TN (training and visited old friends)

1 comment:

Trish said...

I love your top 10 list -- is very reflecting!

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