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Nov 29, 2008

A Simple Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving was simple for us this year.  We all slept in that morning (unless you count getting up at 7 AM when Jas asked me to get his pain meds) because we both went back to sleep after he took them.  Getting up around nine was great.  Just me and the kids, getting breakfast and taking our time. 

At 10:00 when the parade came on, Kass and I curled up on the loveseat while Jas was still camped out on the couch.  This had become his permanent spot since his 'hernia repair' surgery, Tuesday.  We all watched the parade and commented on each singer, band, and balloon that passed by.

Before 11:00 Kass and I placed the ham in tin foil, loaded it down with brown sugar and put it in the oven so we could reconvene to our spot and watch more of the parade.  Soon though, we both started heating other side dishes and I loaded the croissants on the baking stone to put in when the ham was done.


It was meant to be a simple dinner, but it was our simple Thanksgiving dinner.   We didn't get to travel to be with extended family and have a huge feast because Jas wasn't up for it, even though we had invitations to more than one family get-together.  But ours was one with memories, one with togetherness and one for which we had much to be thankful.

I had both my kiddos by my side.  My son slowly recouping from a successful surgery that is finally behind us and my daughter helping lend a hand to her brother in pain as well as helping me in the kitchen. 

We have our health and we have each other (even though Kass did come to me the night before thanksgiving and asked "Do you think I'm getting a hernia?"  I couldn't help but snicker.  I told her no and that she reminded me of my brother... story for another time)

So this year my Thanksgiving was simple but successful; everything I could want it to be.

How Was Yours?

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Photo Credit:  http://www.thedctraveler.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/thanksgiving-table.jpg

1 comment:

Ms. Single Mama said...

Mine was fantastic.

Very simple as well. Just close family. Happy Thanksgiving sweet stuff.


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