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Dec 29, 2008

Me-Time 101 For the Holidays

Me-Time 101

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With extra me-time while I am currently off for two weeks over the holidays I have had to pull out my list of things I "get to do" during my me-time

So far while the kids have been spending some of their Christmas vacation time with their dad I have been spending my ME-TIME like this:

The List

  1. Started and finished reading The Shack by Wm. P. Young and started on another Donald Miller book.
  2. Created a blog for Kass' Girl Scout Troop 277.  (Since I volunteered to do this, I took advantage of some free time to put it together.  Also note it's still in the basic stage till we get permission from the other girls' parents to post their pictures on the site.)
  3. Added a few little things to my blog and changed some items in the side bar.
  4. Wrote a few blog posts.
  5. Downloaded pictures from the digital camera.
  6. Caught up on laundry!
  7. Cleaned my house. (Well Kass was home when we did the major cleaning for the family party the day before Christmas Eve.)
  8. Slept in.
  9. Went to see Four Christmases with Heather from www.desperatelyseekingsanity.com.  And it was the funniest Christmas movie, ever!
  10. Made plans to get a real manicure before the kiddos come home.

Ok no real outlandish crazy parties or anything like that to mention over the last few me-time days (unless you count the after-party we had the last night of our choir performance... naaaah).   Even though I have enjoyed the free time;  I am looking forward to the kiddos return Tuesday.  Woo hoo!

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Photo Credit:  GettyImages.com

1 comment:

dadshouse said...

Hooray for me time! Sounds like you are having fun, being creative and productive. It is great when the kids come back, though, isn't it?

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