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Dec 31, 2008

Top 10 BIGGEST little things of 2008

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I love lists, and if you know me at all or read my blogs regularly you already know this.  Remember my list of Life Long Goals?  Well as the year comes to a close for 2008 I also wanted to make a second annual list of the top ten biggest LITTLE things of this past year.  Remember they are in no specific order by rank or anything.  Since I have been blogging more... you should already know about these.  Oh and if you don't, I have placed links in each for you to pull up the blog that references that particular little thing. 



TOP 10 Biggest LITTLE things of 2008

  1. Sitting in Church side by side with my brother (I went with him a few times in 2008).
  2. The special date night with my personal "McDreamy"
  3. Our simple Thanksgiving at home following Jas' surgery.
  4. Winning the iPod nano.
  5. Having a guy from my teenage years who was out of my league then to pursue me on a dating website.
  6. Reading the book, The Kite Runner... see my review, here.
  7. Kass' Hero essay or "Er-log".
  8. Finding a new refrigerator for just the amount of money I told God I had to spend on it.
  9. Being approached for an interview by SingleEdition.com.
  10. Bob Ross Painting Class with my sis, for her birthday.

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