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Jan 13, 2009

BIGGER is Better?

1 lb burger - Jas 2009

Famous Pounder, a 20-ounce burger

Jas ate this Sunday at Cheeburger Cheeburger at Tanglewood Mall.  Umm yeah, it was 20 ounces of hamburger . 

Here he has all kinds of toppings, I couldn't name if I tried.

The staff at the restaurant took this picture because even for their 1 pounder - they aren't used to ALL THOSE TOPPINGS ON ONE!

I ate the half-pound Serious burger... so I want some credit for my attempt to gain ten pounds this year.

And yes he finished the whole thing including the toppings and got his pic on the "wall of fame"... again. 

The last time he ate the one pounder was when he was just 12 ---  a year and a half ago!  And so I knew he could do it now… the boy can eat .  But I’m not sure where it’s all going except to make him taller!  I think he grew three inches just last year.

Oh yeah and my brother-in-law ate a one pounder that day as well.  His didn't have quite as many toppings....

Find yourself... keeping it real.

Photo Credit:  Cheeburger Cheeburger


Gary "Big Hokie" Cope said...

I am seriously impressed with Jas! That is a monster burger! I have never eaten at Cheeseburger Cheesburger, though I have seen their commercials and am looking forward to trying it sometime! That picture is making me so hungry!

T said...

Holy WOW!!! Now that's a burger! Sheesh girl, he's going to tower over everyone if he keeps eating like that!

Anonymous said...

Is your child fat or one of those thin kids that could eat twice their weight?

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