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Jan 6, 2009

Single Moms and Their Son’s Firsts


single mom and son All moms know how their child’s firsts in everything are a big deal:  Their first steps, their first word, their first bowl of cereal, and their first day of school.

Here’s another First

Monday evening as we are making a mad dash to get fast-food between 5:00 and getting Kass to Girl Scouts by 6:00 PM my cell phone rings.  A number comes up I don’t recognize.  (And no, this is not a common thing on my phone.)  I don’t get to it in time and call back.  A girl answers.  I tell her I just missed her call.  She says, “Is Jason there?”

I somehow keep my composure. “No, but he will be back later this evening.  May I have him call you back?”  “Sure,” she says.  Pause.  “And your name?” I ask trying to behave in my voice.  “Ciera,” she replies. “Ok, Ciera, I will have him call you.”

And there it was:  Jas’ first call (that I know of) from a girl.  A GIRL!  I know, I should have been preparing for these days… But he is still a baby to me even if he is turning 14 in just two short weeks!

A girl just called my son?!

It will take a few days, maybe weeks, but I will get over it. 

Until next time! What if she calls again? 

I think I need to draw up a questionnaire, a list of things I need to know before you can “hang out”, “go-with” (or whatever the term is these days) to be my son’s girlfriend.  What do you think?  How do you prepare as a single mom for your firstborn, your son, your baby boy to start into the “girls scene”?  I mean his dad had “the talk” with him a few years ago; and I have opened that door and discussed with him that he can talk to me about anything and that nothing he can say will shock me... ever.  But he’s never had to use it!  He’s not been interested in girls.  Not yet I thought.  So any advice here is definitely appreciated.

What Will Jas say?

Yes, I will be inquiring more about her from Jas soon. Oh and yes I will also remain calm.  (My kiddos know I try not to be reactionary but sometimes, just sometimes it might sound like I am overreacting in my blogs…)

But I will be “cool” about it when it comes to discussing this with Jas.  My voice will remain monotone as we discuss the new locks on his door and the fact that I am going to start home-schooling him now. (Just kidding.)

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit:  JoelDC, www.Flickr.com


dadshouse said...

I forget, how old is he? I'm going through this with my 12 year old son now!

single mom seeking said...

Yeah, how old is he? Oh my gosh, I still can't imagine... Oh boy.

Love this post. And thank you SO much for your support at MomLogic.com today. I'm giving you shout out tomorrow at SMS!

Gary "Big Hokie" Cope said...

Go Jas! Ahem, I mean, Jas, you should probably wait until your older, say about 30, before you start dating girls. :)

Anonymous said...

Yow. What a wake up call.

I had this moment this week, when I realized my girl was going to be 8 this year, which means we are coming up on the egads! periods, boobs, and attitude years.

Don't forget the bars on his windows!

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