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Feb 12, 2009

My Funny Valentine


Dear Kass:

You gave me this valentine a few days ago. It was early for Valentine ’s Day but you had made it while sitting in class after finishing your work earlier that day. You said you made several but you included me. That was so sweet. You also gave me a box of chocolates you bought while staying with your cousin C this past weekend.

Thanks Kass for making my Valentine’s Day extra special.

Oh and I should tell you. I know you are growing up into a young lady… and I know that means lots (and lots) of changes. But please try not to have so many meltdowns, ok? Mommy loves you, but sometimes I don’t even know what to do when you get so upset over the little things, like biting into a piece of that chocolate candy you gave me, realizing it had peanut butter inside, and thinking it might have been part of the recent peanut butter recall. (Quick note, you didn’t die from eating it.)

It seemed to help you feel better when I said I thought your recent moods and behavior may be attributed to becoming a “big girl/young woman.” But remember you can’t use that as an excuse, ok?

Seriously, I hope you know what a special young lady you are, even if you do get a little excited sometimes.   I love you!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweety!

Love, Mom

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