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Feb 19, 2009

Pieces of Mr. M


Crazy Week

Well this has been a crazy week.  Aren't all of mine crazy though?

This one I started out Monday morning with an appointment to see Jas' surgeon to reassure Jas that the pains he has been experiencing (still) after the surgery were normal and that nothing was awry. 

Tuesday followed with Jas sick with respiratory infection which included fever and aches and pains all over his body keeping him out of school for two days and back to his regular physician to get started on antibiotics.

Pieces of Mr. M

Lately, I haven't had much time to blog because - my nights after the kiddos go to bed are now filled with constant conversations with Mr. M by phone as we catch up on the day, even if we managed to grab a few stolen moments that same day to see each other.  But if you follow me on twitter, then you know I have already met his mom.  And if you don't why not!?

I can't keep count anymore how many times we have "hung out" but we have enjoyed each moment and I am finding he truly is a great guy. 

When he leaves me emails or instant messages that include things like:

In case you haven't figured out by all these emails, I think you are pretty wonderful.

I can't help but smile.

I've been smiling a great deal lately.  Not sure where this is all headed but we both are in agreement:  We are enjoying "it" for what "it" is for now... and just letting "it" be.

Standing on the Edge

So while I have been smiling and going to enough Dr. appointments lately, it wasn't too surprising to be dealing with the sudden dilemma of what shoes Kass was going to wear this morning.  She has a school play tonight and had one performance  during school this morning as well.  It's already started,the  "I don't have anything to wear," syndrome.

In case you are wondering... I'm feeling like this right about now.... stay tuned!

cliff edge

Photo Credits:  edge.dealsdirect.net/pictures/week157/shoes.jpg and Dougal Waters, GettyImages.com (cliff edge)
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