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Jul 22, 2009

Brace Yourself

Well I should have been bracing myself when I went to the orthodontist yesterday.   I thought I was prepared.... this was our third visit for Kass and I knew she needed a spacer for her crossbite; but was shocked when they told me not only are they going to start out her process with a spacer for enlarging her upper pallet but also - at the same time - put braces on her upper teeth!

I was expecting the spacer but not the braces so soon.  So now we are set up for five back to back weekly appointments in September and October for her to have them put on and adjusted.  The journey of braces begins and Kass is only TEN YEARS OLD!

When I asked Mr. Ortho's assistant about Kass still having baby teeth, she said that would not be a problem and that when preparing the braces they are not connected to baby teeth, in case they fall out while Kass is wearing them.  ...Umm... is this normal?

I am still digesting all this NEW information, since I was expecting her to be 6 months or more in a spacer before I would even be discussing her getting braces.  But I have her appointments set and a payment plan in place regardless.  No pressure or anything....Mr. Ortho.

Hopefully I can trust this orthodontist.  I mean he has about six Mac computers in the waiting room, video games in a separate area and TV's on the wall, so at least we know he has money to spend, eh?  Don't get me wrong, I like him and he has several patients the same age as Kass so I want to think that she is in good hands.... but other than getting him as a referral from her regular dentist, he is a stranger.  A stranger taking care of my baby... makes me a little crazy sometimes.  I can feel my overly analytical anal protective mother syndrome kicking into high gear as I deal with all this info. 

It's not even about the money.  Ok, maybe a little about the money.  It's over five grand and I was expecting that... but now I find online at least one other mother in the same predicament who finally found a reputable orthodontist that quoted just under four grand... Only she lives in Utah.

I think I need a second opinion. Or am I crazy?

Well I tell you this much.  She is scheduled with Mr. Ortho #1 for September and I am moving forward in faith but also praying God will allow me to discern that this is the right timeline and that he is the right orthodontist to do the job.  I just might need a different Mr. Ortho. to convince me we are all on the same page here. It's a lot of money and I don't want her to end up having to do this again years later because we had her braces put on too soon.

So any advice?  This is my first time dealing with the orthodontist... so advice is welcome.

Find yourself... keeping it real. 

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debra said...

I'm going through this now with my 8yr old...I'm very curious to see the comments you receive. I had been warned that I might be looking at having to do braces on him twice; once now to make room for the adult teeth, and again when all the adult teeth were in. I think I got very lucky at our apt this week - we're going to remove a couple baby teeth to make some room, and let things straighten themselves out to the extent that they will on their own. We're taking a 'wait and see' approach, but hoping to make it to 12yrs before we go with the braces.
I would be asking the same questions you are in your situation. I hope others are able to offer you some sound advice.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... sorry I can't be much help here. I got braces myself at 14 years old, and back then THAT was even kinda young. I do remeber my ortho saying that the younger the kid is when braces are put on, the more likely the teeth will want to go back to their "natural" positioning when we get to be adults. But maybe science has figured something else out in the past 15 years!

I can say that I only wore a retainer for maybe a year, and my teeth haven't totally shifted all out of place - but they have shifted some...

10 is young, but... hell - everybody's doing it!

Anonymous said...

My son got his braces when he was ten. He's 17 now, his teeth are gorgeous. I think it's easier to move the teeth when they are younger. Wearing the retainer is key to keeping them in place. He still has a small wire glued to the back of his four front teeth. I think it was nice that he was finished by age 12.

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