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Jul 15, 2009



vacation 2009084-jas - blog

Here is my firstborn, my eldest son, my only son, my teenage source of stress at times, and the reason

I love him more than I can express, but he hates to have me take his picture... and you know how I am about !

So it goes without saying.... I love this photo of him... hanging out at the pool while we stayed at the resort last week. (He didn't even know I was taking his pic here.)  He enjoyed being there... even though you can't see it on his face.

Oh and as promised, I will be giving you all the details by Friday of this week about the contest for the Free Wii Gaming System and more.  So don't forget to check back on Friday....

Oh and to all my relatives out there that read my blog... I don't mind if you enter the contest with your tips and advice but.....you... can't... win.  It's part of the rules that no relatives of mine can win the contest held on my blogsite.  Bummer, I know.  But hey - you get a prize too.... being related to me!  Just kidding....

Find yourself... keeping it real.

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