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Jun 17, 2009

The Stresses of Raising a 14 Year Old



Word for the day, today... is stressed.  You know Jas is just getting over strep, right and that he will be starting Governor's school in the fall, right?

Meanwhile, (and yes he is feeling better) we get a letter from his upcoming Physics teacher from GS and he has a summer assignment!  A lengthy one.

No big deal, right?  He has all summer.

But he doesn't.... He stays almost the entire month of August with his dad. (Mind you he will not get anything productive/school related work done while there....since his dad is not exactly encouraging the whole GS thing anyway.)  And we go on vacation on July 6 for a week.  So he has exactly two weeks left in this month and three weeks after our vacation left in July.  So he needs to get busy, right?

Well, that's how I would logically consider the calendar.... but he (Jas) is having a hard time buckling down to do research and get this project behind him... because he just finished school!

We are emailing a few ideas back to the Physics teacher... and hoping we are at least getting him started on the right track.

Pray I don't pull my hair out.... or his hair out... in the process.

Oh the joys.... GS has already begun.... and it's not even September yet!

Don't you love how I can go from being totally elated to being totally stressed in one week!?


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1 comment:

j.nay said...

GS school I'd assume is highly demanding. Be grateful, the stress is due to him being a high performer instead of the opposite.

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