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Aug 31, 2009

I Loathe Having These


After the kiddos spent several days last week cleaning out their rooms to make space for their new school stuff we just bought… they wanted to make some money by “selling” the junk gently used items. 

Let me just say… I hate yard sales… but I didn’t want to disappoint my little entrepreneurs.  They made signs and organized all their “stuff” getting ready for the big day.  Being so excited, I wanted to soften their expectations and told them not to be disappointed if they didn’t make huge profits from setting out their gently used items.

Now when I say I detest these little endeavors… I mean they make me feel about the same way as that dream nightmare when you end up back at school looking for a classroom you can’t find to have a test you are not even slightly prepared for and you finally find it – only to realize you are naked – because you also forgot to put on any clothes that morning.

But even with my little fetish about having them… I got up bright and early Saturday morning… and helped the kiddos set out all their junk stuff.  I even found a couple lamps and kitchen items to set out on display… for the whole neighborhood to see what we consider not good enough anymore for how we live inside our little dwelling we call home… 

Aaaah…. the lovely wait for customers began. 

The kid’s anticipation and excitement quickly turned to impatience as we had one, two, then three customers.  One decided to buy… but got a steal because I let the kiddos decided on prices for their stuff. 

Then we sat some more…. and waited…

and waited…

By 10:30 am the kiddos were so disappointed at the lack of customers and non-profits that they asked me if we could pack up early and take it to the goodwill.  They didn’t have to ask me twice!  I started helping them get it all back into boxes and loaded up in the SUV.

A trip to the goodwill…. and we were done.

I think that was the best yard sale I have ever had! 

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit: http://www.northkingstown.org/Town_clerk/yardsale.gif

1 comment:

Laura said...

We dont do yard sales here - not sure why really!

When we do a clean out - we normally pass on to friends or to charity!

But they learnt a valuable lesson and well done to them for trying!

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