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Aug 12, 2009

"Keep Mooooving" Summer Activity Suggestions:

Finally I can share with you the winning post about keeping the family active this summer.  Thanks again to Shamrock Farms for sponsoring the contest and to Amy Y. our winner. 

Try these original creative ideas from Amy’s winning entry…..


•With water- swim, create a slip-n-slide, sprinkler play

•Water balloon toss- usually turns into a water balloon fight!image

•With your dog- take for a walk, teach a new trick

•Visit -the zoo, parks, skate parks, hands-on museums

image •Lego's- create a village (on-going project), create your family using Lego's

•In the woods- create a fort, play cops-n-robbers, build a butterfly habitat, build bluebird or other bird boxes/houses

•Small Stream- dam up an area to make a pool. Race toy boats from image upstream. Play will it sink or float? (David Letterman classic!) Use as a doll pool (Barbie, Polly Pocket, G.I. Joe, etc).

•Night time- Catch fire flies, play flashlight tag

image •Classics- make s’mores, play tag

•Sidewalk Chalk- hopscotch, self portraits, draw cities (use matchbox cars to drive on the streets) write surprise messages to each other, don't forget the classic: rainbow!

•Free craft play- have available beads, feathers, googly eyes, paper image(scrapbook, plain, construction, wall paper books), pipe cleaners, glue, paper tubes (from TP and paper towels), paint, tape, rice, dry pasta, etc. Let kids  create....

"Keep Mooooving" Summer Snack Suggestions:

•Frozen grapes


•Fruit smoothies

•Popsicles made with fresh fruit puree/juice

•Sliced watermelon (Seed spitting contest???)

•Homemade ice cream (could add fresh berries...)

Submitted by Amy Y.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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