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Aug 2, 2009

Savannah Here We Come

Yes, that's right.  I will be driving to Savannah soon along with nine girl scouts (including Kass), three parents, and the other leader.  Savannah is a major Girl Scout history area.  I won't bore you with all the history just yet... but that will come later.

It will take about nine hours with stops to get there.... three vehicles will be in the caravan and I am praying the evening we come back that I won't get tired because our trip is jam packed with tours, carriage rides, swimming, and other projects for the girls to do.

I am excited and hope to come back and show you tons of pictures.  But pray for us to have travel mercies. 

The photo above is of Tybee Island where we will be doing ocean life projects the morning of the day we leave.  While it may look and sound like I am getting two vacations this summer with this trip, this one won't be much of a vacation with all the fast-paced activities we will be doing and all- - -that- - -driving....One great thing though - this trip is paid for by the troop funds.(Thanks to all those cookie sales last winter!)  But I will be earning my keep, I assure you!

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