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Sep 15, 2009

Swine Flu? Uh Oh

What a morning!

First the good news… I won a free 24” X 24” Wall Graphic from Large Format Posters on the blog, Your Fun Family.  So I am excited and busy thinking about which digital photo to choose for the wall decal. That’s a nice diversion…. since after I read that email I got… a disturbing phone call.

image The bad news:  the father of the friend that Kass stayed overnight with Friday night and most of the day Saturday, he was just diagnosed yesterday with the .  Uggghh.  But please don’t tell Kass – she is a slight hypochondriac and I don’t need her panicking – I am doing enough of that right now. No, I am not really panicking but I do want to stay informed by reading up on the symptoms and ways of prevention via the World Health Organization.

Plus I called her pediatrician’s nurse and they don’t have the available yet (it’s to be here late October).  But she simply said to watch for the symptoms.  So now we wait… and… see…. and… hope… and…. pray.

Oh and did I tell you this afternoon is our first of the series of orthodontic appointments as we begin the process with spacers and braces.  So time for the big payout today as we submit the deposit… of a thousand dollars and set up a payment plan for the rest.  It’s like we are buying a car!

Swine flu exposure, braces, money…….

So happy Tuesday to me! WOOHOO… but at least I am getting a free wall decal of one of my fave photos…. right?

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit: http://www.who.int/en/


Gho Cheng said...

Great post

Momma Sunshine said...

Honestly, try not to panic about the swine flu thing. A family I know had it a few weeks back, and were fine. Sure, they were sick, but nothing major. Keep in mind that the swine flu is just the flu, only a particularly nasty strain of it that is able to be identified. Take precautions, stock up on things to make you feel better if you do get it, and try not to worry! :)

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