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Sep 14, 2009

Wonderment of this Relationship

100_3438 picnic crpd

We had our church picnic Sunday.  It was beautiful weather, with blue skies, sunshine, and temperatures that couldn’t have been more perfect.  I only had enough time to snap off a couple photos and get hit in the head with a wiffle ball. (See above – and no the wiffle ball incident was not recorded on film, thankfully.)

I left to attend a meeting… but was glad to have a few minutes of the food and fun before leaving Mr. M. and our crew to continue in the festivities.  He doesn’t realize what it meant to me to be able to leave my kiddos in his care and know I could do what I needed to do without worry or complications.  He was so flexible about my last minute meeting and just helped me out, no questions asked. That’s more of the you hear me talk about.

Oh and one more photo:  As I was leaving my niece was heading somewhere… a girl on a mission.

neice on mission at picnic100_3441

Find yourself… keeping it real.



Yay for a wonderful relationship.

Nuff said.

Flory said...

Hi, stopping by from SITS. Lovely blog and what a great idea.

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