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Sep 9, 2009


Ok, I left you hanging yesterday…. about my bad morning.  Well don’t feel bad – I also left Mr. M. hanging about why I was in such a foul mood when he called before work that day.  (And in case you are reading this a day late because of your email subscription arrived late, I am talking about .  And if you didn’t get an email subscription, why not?  Jump over there and sign up for an email subscription, silly!)

Now, where was I?  Oh yeah – bad morning… well…. it was… to say the least, because….

I got a speeding ticket.

And I am not even going to tell you where or why I was driving in that area which was out of my routine… no I am not going to bog you down with those little details of the why’s or wherefore’s.  I am just going to tell you I wanted to either cry or throw up. 

I haven’t gotten a ticket in several years…ok I have had a few way back in the day… but not recently.  AND they have went up on their fees here in the city!

So my next thought pattern was… How am I going to pay for this!?

You know I have braces to pay for… and with Jas starting high school I had promised to buy him a laptop to assist him with all his studies.  So with trying to find ways to cut back to pay for all that… I didn’t need another surprise blue-light special! 

Well I hate to complain – but it did ruin my morning…. and it took me a while to get over it… but I decided to look on the bright side.  It wasn’t an accident and I was going over the speed limit (because I was in a hurry… but… nope not going to get into that).  So it was my own doing…. but I still felt sick and I still wonder what I can do ‘extra’ to pay for the ticket.

Maybe I can go on eBay and auction off my left arm as a place for tattoo advertisements… what would I get for that?

Any other ideas?

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit: http://www.freefoto.com/images/28/11/28_11_32---Police-emergency-flashing-blue-lights_web.jpg


Laura said...

Do you think that e-Bay idea will work? Cos I could do with some spare cash and I will more than willingly sell both arms and both ankles if need be ;-p

Ok not making light of it but I totally understand this!!!

joyce said...

hmm arms are ok, but how much for your forehead? :P

sorry about the ticket, that will always ruin a good day

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