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Oct 13, 2009

Who Is This Guy?

image I’ve been getting random emails from this guy with the same last name as mine to my Gmail account.  The first one I disregarded as spam, weirdly.  Then I continued to get mail from him, calling me “babe” and would I look at this or would I call such and so.  They read as if he knew me; but he must have me confused with someone else.

The latest one I received and here I quote his email (without giving you the link):

I was going to surprise you with this anniversary gift (since we don’t have kids on the 25th); but I thought I’d run it by you first.

Isn’t that something… and I was afraid to open the link since it refers to “rollergirls”.  I know it may be nothing risqué … but I don’t want to see what he is thinking about doing with her for their anniversary, quite frankly (just in case).

After getting this one, I just hit ‘report spam’ in Google so it would hopefully place his mail in my spam folder automatically. 

Goodbye, Brandon!  It was nice knowing you….but it’s over between us. Oh and Happy Anniversary!

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit:  http://www.nasddds.org/images/email.jpg

1 comment:

Laura said...

Oh lol! Shame man!

I actually got a mail from secret admirer the other day with a poem about how this person loves me etc - was so weird - there were also a few dodgy links so I spammed it also

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