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Feb 13, 2010

In Honor of My Oldest Child

Today is the BIG Project Forum at Jas’ Governor’s School.  Finally!  This day has been postponed twice because of recent .  But Jas definitely was favored with the crazy weather – because it gave him two additional weeks to complete the final details on his project.  This was because he stayed true to himself with being quite the procrastinator. 

The project looks great though and it is all setup at the facility and we are about to take him over for his interviews before the forum is open to the public.  Later awards are given out. 

In honor of his project day, I thought I would share one of Jas’ fave comedians, Brian Regan as he talks about a ‘typical’ science fair morning.  Well typical for us around our house… we love this:

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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