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Apr 27, 2010

A woman’s value is NOT based on her BRA size

True Story:

I was at Target with my sister.  She needed to buy her daughter (who is a year younger than Kass)  a bra for the first time.  She wanted me to help and I decided to buy one for Kass as well.  We were looking through the juniors department and I picked up one I knew would fit her daughter and a similar one for Kass.  Without revealing the size here in print, I made the statement how Kass was getting close to wearing my size already.  My sister in a shocked voice said, “You are still in size *&?”  “YES, thank you very much, I am,Photoxpress_9185046” I replied.

I have always been thin. Even as an adult I have kept my small frame and thereby I’m not very big -- in any area of my proportions (if you get my drift).  But just because I am a small framed woman, doesn’t mean I am any less of a woman. 

Now for my sister’s benefit (she reads this occasionally) I know she meant nothing negative by that comment.  As a matter of fact she followed by saying, “Well even though you are small, the good thing is you kept your metabolism.”  So all is well between us.  No worries, sis.

A woman’s bra size doesn’t determine her value. But this brings me to my point:  Women are constantly concerned about their appearance and many times equate their self-worth based on their perception of that appearance.  Some think their size is too large while others think they are too small or not proportioned correctly. (Ladies, am I right?) But in fact we are all different and are all seeking for that perfect size that doesn’t exist. (Let me interject here: There is something to be said for eating healthy and exercising consistently; I am not speaking of simply trying to stay healthy in this blog post.)  But this obsession about body appearance is proven every January by the fad diets that are promoted and advertised because so many people (women especially) are listing diet as their new year’s resolution.  How we think of ourselves and our appearance affects our confidence, don’t you agree?

In preparation for a podcast interview about appearance, I put together six keys about inner beauty and self worth.  I plan to share these in the coming weeks in parts 1, 2 and 3; so be sure and subscribe to the RSS feed or emails above, if you don’t already receive updates, so you will get a chance to read the keys about self-worth and feeling confident ‘in your own skin.’

Back to my story:

After Kass tried on the bra in the size I bought her, we realized it was too small.  I had to take it back and actually get her the same size I wear after all!  I knew she would catch up with me soon, but not this soon.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit: photoXpress.com \ cvrgrl

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