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Apr 30, 2010

Little things I’m proud of lately

  • I still have the pair of scissors in my desk from my first day on the job 11 years ago.2010-04-12 003
  • Recently (with some great help) pulled up the carpet in my living area and hallway and had the hardwood floors refinished.  I have wanted to do that ever since I moved in 18 years ago.
  • My new breakfast table and chairs from IKEA (Thanks for putting them together as well as Kassity’s new bed within just days of each other.)
  • Read more books already this year than I had read in 24 months 2 years ago. (Yeah think about that one for a moment).
  • I am finally learning not to take myself so seriously.
  • When we found my old Bible from my teenage years, early twenties during spring cleaning last weekend, Kass wanted to have it.
  • My son created an audio clip, posted it on facebook, and said he just knew I would want to post it on my blog. Here’s the link.


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Photo Credit:  Katherine Shinault – picture of my hardwoods.
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