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Apr 7, 2010

Oh Snap

I forgot to keep you up-to-date on the .  Remember the weekend I was   (Well if you don’t remember, jump over there and first.)

First of all I promised Brooks I would shout out a big fat thanks on my blog for all his devoted hard work that weekend. Thanks Brooks.  I never could have gotten all the carpet, tacks, staples, trim, and padding up and out of the house without your help.  So for that I am grateful and definitely I owe you one.

We tried cleaning the floors.

2010-04-05 001

And though they could have been much worse, there were lines of grime, paint that had been splattered by previous owners, etc. staining the floors.  I used extra fine steel wool to work on getting some of it up and used vinegar.  For the floor planks that had plenty of varnish – this worked great.  But other spots where the wood was worn down – the vinegar hit down to the wood and turned it dark.  Oh snap!  I felt sick when that happened.

So now it’s time to bring in the professional.

Online I found a local family run company that refinishes hardwood floors for a good price.  They have come by and given me a firm quote (which includes replacing a few boards that need to go).  Now, it’s all set to start Thursday of this week at 8:30 am.  The kids will be gone with their dad for the rest of the week and the job takes four days to complete.  I will be the only one that has to maneuver around the house without touching the living room and hallway floors for the four days we are out of commission. Sweet!  I am so excited and even though finding a place in our little shoebox to put the couches and other furniture for the four days will not be easy, it will be worth it.

So next week pictures of the floors – like new - will be coming your way… and a nice review of this local company if all goes according to plan.  It’s the least I can do right?

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