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Apr 6, 2010

Reminiscing with Strawberries

We Missed Easter

So we missed church Easter Sunday morning.  Kass was sick running a fever.  I think she must have what I had a couple weeks ago.  She’s had a fever since Saturday.

With her sick, we didn’t get to do all the traditional Easter stuff; going to church, spending time with family, or eating a big meal.  But we spent the day together, her laying around, while I tried to get her what she needed to make her feel better: crushed ice, medicine, noodles, pedialyte, hot towels.

We talked about the ; (or I talked and she lay on the couch and listened).  Then we watched one of the movies based on Janette Oke’s book series, Love Comes Softly.  Then she slept for most of the day.

I hate it when she’s sick.  

Making the Most of the Day with Strawberries2010-04-06 002

Later in the afternoon we got out the ingredients I bought to make a strawberry pie.  I found a simple recipe online last week, but couldn’t for the life of me find the recipe again.  It wasn’t bookmarked and going through my history – it still couldn’t be found.

So… I just reminded Kass of how my gramma (her great grandmother) used to make strawberry cake with pound cake and jello.  We made up our strawberry gelatin, punched holes in the cake, poured it over, and let it chill.  She kept asking when would it be gelled enough for us to add strawberries and whipped topping. “Soon, very soon;” I was glad she was perked up and eager to have it.  A couple hours later, voila.  I made her a yummy strawberry desert, remembered the old days when we spent Sunday afternoons at my gramma’s house eating this same treat, and we made it a pretty good Easter Sunday after all.

Hope your holiday was special and just as sweet!

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