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Apr 24, 2010

Single moms everywhere… are getting married

 hands You remember my good friend , right?  If not check it out here.

Well even though I am ecstatic about her bliss… this got me thinking.  A few months back, modernsinglemomma.wordpress.com got married and started a new project.  Singlemomseeking is making wedding plans following her recent engagement – big wedding plans.  And then MsSingleMama  almost deleted her blog and has eluded to possible marriage in her future as well.  And there are others.  Several.

So what am I getting at?

Do I want to get married?

No, not anytime soon. ( already knows this – so I am not revealing any secrets.)  We are enjoying our long-term relationship at the moment of one year and almost three months (4 days away).  A dating life can be a good life without rushing into marriage.  And I will plug here – it takes time to get to know each other along the way.


All these single mom bloggers and their marriage plans have me thinking though: isolating my blogging buddies and reads to mostly single moms… might not be such a great plan.  Things change, people evolve in their relationships, and boom next thing you know they aren’t single mom bloggers anymore.

Perhaps I need to open up my focus to more than the single moms as an audience on my blog.  (Glad this occurred to me right after becoming the for Roanoke’s examiner.com.  But I digress…)  Now: how do I make that transition with little or no turbulence? That is going to take some more to think about.  (And all moms need me-time.)

Can this be done?

I like to broadcast my blog as being one for single moms and moms alike – since we can all be inspired to improve upon our relationship skills and personal development because that is not just something single moms glean from.  Married moms would just get to hear about my dates – and how single moms introduce relationships to their kiddos; and then they could share about their once-a-month date nights with their hubbies and how it improves their marriage relationship.  See it all works, doesn’t it?

What’s your thoughts out there, blogosphere?

I need some feedback here.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit: \photoXpress.com \ Vitaliy Pakhnyushchyy
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