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May 28, 2010

She is her mother’s daughter

My daughter is easily startled, her scream mechanism is easily tripped.  If she sees a ‘bee’ by the image mailbox, you know it; if Jovi gets outside the gate, the whole neighborhood quickly knows something has gone awry at our house.  I ask her to work on this quick reaction of the screaming kind but… what can I say?

Last night got to find out first hand, Kass is her mother’s daughter, once again.  I was back in the utility room and saw something on the floor, long legs, fat body, grossly tan with specks.  I called for Mr. M to come and check it out.  He’s a guy, he is supposed to take care of these things, right?

Once he looked at what I was staring at, he said, “It’s a camel cricket,”  calmly, nonchalantly and then began to walk off: leaving it there for me to contend with.  “Wait, you have to take care of it,” I replied.  “Step on it. You have shoes on, I don’t,” was his reaction.  So before it could “hop” into my bedroom I stepped on it.

As I stepped down on it, the cracking sound was just too much; without thinking I screamed (and rather loudly).  My son came running, and laughed, “I thought she saw a bug 6 feet tall from her screaming.”  So as you can see, he and Mr. M got a kick out of my reaction.  But it’s automatic, I can’t help it.  I was proud that I hadn’t screamed before then.

Oh well, they will just have to accept our inherent reactions… to bugs, and the like when it comes to Kass and her mother.  We just can’t help our nature to scream.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit:  [Photo from the Flickr stream of AlbinoFlea ]
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