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Jun 18, 2010

To be continued…

image Remember the story of the guy who was slapped at the dance when he met someone special but said all the wrong things on the dance floor?  If not, read more about what happened and

I received an email from the “the girl” today and she is very happy and enjoying getting to know (John) better.  She has realized that he was sincerely a nice guy and is happy she gave him another chance after his rocky first impression.  They both sound like they have their acts together and both seem to be mature for their tender age of seventeen. It also impressed me that she has a good perception of herself and appreciates who she is as a person on the inside as well as the guys who do the same. 

I asked her to keep in touch over their journey… so maybe we will hear more from their budding romance. 

Perhaps those of us more than twice their age can learn a little lesson from their experience…perhaps.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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