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Jul 1, 2010

He’s getting older…and wants to drive

Jas has been bringing up the driving thing lately.  Not that I wasn’t expecting it. He turned 15 several months ago and is just weeks away star-gscarshow062 from being old enough for his learner’s.

But this is the part of his growing up I have been dreading.  You know, since he was two and started riding a big-wheel I have hated the thought of him driving.

It’s not even so much about the expenses involved like buying a car, a car insurance policy, or paying for gas.  Although, I have included these items in our conversations so he understands the reality of that next step. Perhaps he should get quotes for insurance on teenage drivers to fully realize the magnitude of driving.

But my bigger concern is simply the hugeness of this step into independence.  He will be officially growing up when he has a driver’s license and a car.  Plus I know what is inevitable.  Once he is driving, it won’t be, “I wonder if he is going to have an accident,” but “when.”

Not that I want to sound morbid or negative, (I know I am sounding morbid and negative) but I am just preparing for the reality of my baby driving out there on those busy streets where all the crazies are.

Maybe instead of wanting to drive he could come to me and say he wants to start a business in California.  Then we could just all move to California with him, discuss getting insurance for business in California and put my mind at ease about this whole driving thing.  Seriously, I would much rather be getting rates for business insurance.

Yeah, I know… dreaming. (Now who’s crazy?)  Instead of looking into business insurance information, I need to start looking into a good deal for a used vehicle, the best deal for teenage drivers insurance, and sending up many prayers for travel mercies.

What are your fears about your baby growing up into adulthood?

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit: Katherine Shinault

Disclaimer:  This post was brought to you by your friends at localinsurance.com.


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