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Jun 25, 2010

Dating and Baggage – Drawing the line

If you like reading my post below, check out other posts about my own personal dating experience before I met .  A few posts about dating:

A good friend of mine is using www.EHarmony.com as well as www.match.com because he is back in the scene.  We’ve been good friends for several years so he was sharing with me about some recent experiences amongst the women he has met and went out with.  He is in his thirties and most of his dates have also been in their thirties.  Most.

Baggage and Dating

Everyone has their share of baggage when you are dating at our age.  But when you are meeting others, where do you draw the line and say that’s just too much baggage?   When do you accept it as part of the  process… because you know you bring your own to the table as well?

If they share things about their past that they have put behind them and are determined they are going to make things different in their lives, do you disregard it?  Do you pretend all that ‘past’ doesn’t matter? 

What if that “past” was activity that went on for years and years?

These are valid questions, he has recently had to answer. 

I would have to ask many questions:  When did the past begin?  How long ago did you start making things different in your life?  Has your commitment to a better lifestyle been working?  Some things would add up to just “too much” baggage, in my opinion; but what do you think?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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