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Sep 19, 2010

Dating Online – the basics

The following is a sponsored post:

From personal experience, I can tell you about some of the best online dating websites, at least the ones that worked better for me.

I tried too many to count and certainly they included ones you have heard about on commercials every other day of the week.  I could confidently recommend eHarmony, Match.com as well as Plenty Of Fish (which is free).  This is not a Match dating site review, but you get the idea.

No matter which online service you use to meet people, however, you have to use caution and you have to practice some tips to keep safe. 

  • Never meet someone new in a private or isolated area.  Meet in a public place. 
  • Have multiple conversations by phone before taking the next step of meeting someone in person . 
  • Don’t tell anyone your home address until you are comfortable they are not a potential stalker, or worse.

These are just a few of the basics.  But eHarmony spells out other safety measures and they are worth reading.

Take it from me, it is not easy being back in the dating game after years of marriage.  It sounds like it would be “fun” to get that chance to meet new guys and start a fresh new relationship.  But after many failed first dates, and second dates, I am glad to be in a serious relationship again. 

Do your research and get information about a dating website before you “take the plunge.”  Once you feel comfortable and understand how to maintain your personal safety in meeting new people, give it a chance.

One more tip I can offer to those out there “dating” online.  Give it time.  Don’t expect your prince (or princess) to be one of the first few guys (or girls) you talk to. Time is your friend.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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