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Sep 18, 2010

What to Expect When You’re Divorced- My Upcoming Book

whatExpectDIVORCED There’s much I want to blog about.  And much that I cannot blog about.  This post may be saying too much, but I have had enough. 

My X has found my blog; it’s no big deal because I have nothing to hide about single parenting or dating which I share with my readers, here.  My relationship with is public knowledge.  But sadly, my X has continually shared his negative opinion to my kiddos about me having a new relationship.  These are ugly irrational things that my kiddos don’t need to hear. Nor do they need the mental duress from dealing with his rants about his rejection of my new relationship.  He tells them what he will do if I get married again. And it’s not pretty.

How do you recommend dealing with an X who has not moved on… five years after the final D?  I plan to investigate my options, especially when the mental abuse is being subjected to the kiddos when they are with him.

Transparency isn’t always pretty when you are living a life as a single mom and your X insists upon being uncooperative with the co-parenting concept.  I understand everyone has their own opinion about remarriage after divorce, but I don’t believe imposing personal dogmatic convictions upon someone else is appropriate behavior.  Nor do I think you should make your own children feel bad about their other parent moving on in her life, whether you agree with that other parent’s choices or not.  If the other parent’s choices are moral, legal and not bringing harm to the child nor placing a child in an unsafe, unstable environment, then you should keep your opinions to yourself. (IMHO)

Longsuffering in this case, however, has been long used up by this single mom.  Now I have to take next steps to ensure my children do not needlessly endure unnecessary stresses from their father.  Hopefully he will realize the harm it is doing to them not me, in the process and just finally move on and let it go.

We can only hope and pray he chooses that route before other actions have to be taken.

Did you read that, Mr. X?

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit: Created image using the background of a well known parenting book and adding my own text, title.
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