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Sep 28, 2010

Creativity…How to get more of it

I found this article just today on 20 Tips from Psychology for Boosting Creativity from About.com.  Take the few minutes to read the article linked and take some time to innovatively expand on your own creativity.

    • Do you like to blog?  Use the blog as a realm or outlet for some of your creativity.
    • Do you like to write in a journal? Use the journal as your outlet.
    • Do you reward yourself for being curious: wanting to learn something new?  Perhaps it’s time to make allowances for your own curiosity and learn or new software to design a poster.

If you are like me, the time I get to set aside for such passions, or curiosities is only after the kiddos go to bed.  I work a full-time job and evenings are spent having dinner, doing homework, , and other evening meetings.  So regularly I schedule from 10 pm –11:30 pm.

During that me-time, I try to do any writing, blogging, research, photo organizing, personal devotions, etc. that I enjoy.

Take some time out for yourself and your creativity this week to keep your creative juices flowing and refreshed.

I’m way behind on getting my photos organized and out on the web, but I have been doing some writing about .

Don’t miss your next masterpiece, just because you didn’t make time for it to be discovered!

Find yourself…keeping it real.

Looking for some of my more “fun” writing using some of that creativity?  Check this older post:  or this post titled: .

2010-08-19 006

One of those photos yet to be posted to the web album from our family vacation in August. 

Some fun at Wonder Works in Pigeon Forge, TN.

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