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Nov 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

My kiddos happened to be with their dad for the whole Thanksgiving holiday.  They left Wednesday after school.  So with that in mind, (who also wouldn’t have his boys till late in the day Thursday) and I decided to take a short trip for our holiday.

We ended up here at Natural Bridge enjoying the sites, the attractions, and the lovely resort where they also had unbelievable food.  Good thing we had our reservations for the Thanksgiving feast. The place was packed when we headed back to the resort for our meal.


2010-11-24 006

2010-11-24 001

2010-11-24 003

2010-11-24 008

2010-11-24 018

2010-11-24 022

2010-11-24 020

 2010-11-24 027


 2010-11-24 038 

2010-11-24 042 

2010-11-24 058

2010-11-24 063

2010-11-24 065

Here is the Indian village they had created on the grounds of Natural Bridge. Inside this Palisade Mr. M. and I learned interesting facts about the early days of the Indians that lived in Virginia, how they made their tools and what they used for trade.  We could have listened to this guide for hours, but it was getting close to time to eat.

After this photo, the batteries died.  But you can see from these pictures, we had a great time.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a memorable and enjoyable one.

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