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Apr 9, 2011

Silence is golden

The kiddos are gone for the weekend.  As I sit here, I take advantage of a few minutes between loads of laundry and gather my thoughts.  We have been doing this “visitation” for over seven years now and yet I still get that feeling in my heart on the Fridays when I realize they will be leaving to go with their dad after school.

These weekends are scheduled to be productive time, , or a combination of the two for me.  And I try to spend some time, in silence, enjoying… the… quiet.  The rumble of the heater is all I hear (after I let the dogs back outside following their whining to go) as I sit hear typing this blog.

I do love music and I have a very eclectic collection of tunes I listen to, depending on my mood. (Maybe I will share a playlist or two here sometime.)  I also Little footsenjoy catching some regular shows on the HGTV channel and having them on in the background during my day’s activities around the house.  But there is nothing like the sound of silence as I relax, eat some grapes, and ponder on what’s coming up next for our family, from the big vacation in our future, to buying a new house with , big enough for all the kiddos.

Aaah the silence. Do you hear that?

Yeah, me neither.

Love that.

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Photo Credit:  photoXpress.com / Mykola Velychko
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