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Apr 25, 2011

Making the Most of Easter and Other Holidays Alone

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Spring has sprung and Easter arrived to celebrate new life, and for Christians – the new life you received  when you accepted the very . His story in history is what gives us joy unspeakable. 

I celebrated the day without the kiddos (it was their dad’s weekend, you know). Following a morning of worship celebration at church, I went with friends to a dynamic 2 hour drama of the Resurrection of Christ in Radford that night. The day was full and the focus was obvious. 

It is tough when you have to celebrate some of the holidays without your children being there. I know.  I get it. But making the most of your holiday, even when you are alone, is where you have to focus your time, your energy, and your planning. 

It can be so easy to let yourself get caught up in the gloomy, oh-my-life-stinks mode.  But how much more enjoyable it could be if you would just refute that mode and with intentionality make the choice to fill your day with friends and things you enjoy.

    1. Plan a special time to celebrate with the children on a different day than the holiday falls, if they will be “visiting” on the holiday itself.
    2. Make the tradition and fun be about the holiday season – not just the specific day.  Spread out the celebrating so it falls on more than one day during the season.
    3. In advance, contact friends and make plans for the day when the children will be away.  Plan a meal with friends or family, an outing, or plan to join them in their .
    4. Make a list of things you don’t get to do when busy with the children.  Have it available to pull out when you feel the “blahs” of your . Here’s I put together three years ago.

These are just a few simple ideas to keep yourself from focusing on the negative when you have time on your hands without the children, especially during a holiday.

It’s normal to think about them, wishing they were near.  But just think, when they are off to college and doing their own thing on holidays throughout the year, you will be this much more prepared for it.

For some of us, those college days are closer than we like to think about.

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