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May 4, 2011

The Final Summit

image After reading The Final Summit, I was intrigued.  Not only were facts from history included that I had never heard revealed but I also enjoyed the concept of having so many great men (and women) in the same room passionately solving the greatest problem of humanity.

Andy Andrews puts life into perspective and brings history to life similar to his recent book, The Butterfly Effect.  In my younger years, I never enjoyed reading history books or history classes; but this book, full of facts and quotes, would have brought even me out of a fog of boredom when reading the relevance of each historical character and their contribution to our current day’s prosperity.

My favorite historical reference was the life of Eric Erickson.  What boldness and humbleness it must have taken, ironically combined, for someone to live with each moment being a new risk like he did, along with his wife.  All this Eric did for the sake of saving his homeland; and ultimately his sacrifice affected the success of the biggest war in history.His life story is spelled out in the book from Andrews’ own research. 

I give the book high marks and recommend it.  The overall purpose of the book as well the intriguing research make this worthy of your time. 

When you find nothing but desperate hopelessness around you, when all seems to be adding up to constant opposition, what should you do?  Read the book and find out.


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