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Jan 20, 2009

Today in History


History was made today.   Oh I'm not talking about the inauguration; although today is a big day on many levels... don't get me wrong. 

But I am excited about today for another reason that made history.  Today, 14 years ago my first-born came into my life. 

Happy Birthday Jas!

Even though I don't have any embarrassing moments to share about the day of his birth, it was a VERY big day in the history of 'my world'.

And Wednesday we will celebrate with family with a special dinner at my house.

Then Friday night we will have the ALL NIGHT Birthday bash with his friends, guy friends that is.  Yes, even though he now has an official GF, she's not coming!

Saturday morning, think of me.... The guys usually don't go to bed when we have these all night parties for Jas' birthday, so I hope to 'survive it' again this year....

Find yourself... keeping it real.

Photo Credit: istockphoto_4801462


single mom seeking said...

Happy Birthday!! Woo eee. Wow, 14!

modernsinglemomma said...

Happy Birthday JAS!What a beautiful momma you have. You know that, right? =)

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