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Apr 9, 2010

A date night? – I’m floored

The floors are in process and looking lovely already.

Here is a snapshot of the space even without the extra coats of varnish/lacquer:

2010-04-08 003 

Even though I locked myself in my room while the guys worked on   At the end of the day, showed up and we got to finally go on a long overdue date night.  His boys are away with their mom for the week and my kiddos are spending the rest of spring break with their dad.

It was raining, but who cares?  Where did we end up,you ask?  If you follow me on you already know.  With both of our on the tighter than tight side we decided to take a tour of the local Taubman Museum of Art.  They have free admission on Thursdays from 5-8pm.

And if you want to and read more about the visit on examiner.com.  Go ahead, I have  several pictures to share on that article in the slideshow at the bottom!

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