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May 14, 2010

Heavy Heart for Friday – But Diversion is Good

I have a heavy heart today.  Lots of things are happening inPhotoxpress_18100181 the circles that spin and touch mine on a daily  basis.  My best friend (TB) – .  So their family is dealing with the turmoil of that emotional experience.  My heart is heavy for them. 

But this weekend I have so much to do, it will seem more like a whirlwind than a weekend.

Tonight the Girl Scout troop will be completing their service project, volunteering at our local SPCA.  That starts right after work.

Tomorrow bright and early I will be bringing my daughter and her friend to a ‘jamboree’ that she enjoys every year hosted by my employer.

Sunday my sister is having my niece’s 4th birthday party right after church.  At the same time

So the weekend ahead will be a busy one keeping me on my toes - but my heart will still be heavy as I go through the motions of the weekend and pray for my friend’s family and stay in touch with them. 

Whisper a prayer.  They need comfort and strength; this has been a long battling road the last few weeks as they have watched him digress.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit: photoXpress.com \ mambarum

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