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Aug 10, 2010

Life is Full as My Heart Swells

As it should be, life is full.  Right now my emotions are drained and my life feels scattered with so manypen and organizer changes going on in my world.  It’s nothing new, the only constant in life is change. But in the midst of all the change I do feel an unexplainable peace.

It’s been a long time since I just sat and wrote.  Wrote about everything on my heart, everything in my mind.  I have written some thoughts recently about , about a ; but not about me so much.

I know I have been avoiding the realization of some special people moving out of my life.  People that over the last six years became . They have been promoted in the organization I work for and for them that means moving out of state. And for me it means lots of new things, a new boss and new directors to get to know and work with.

As we clean up, clean out and organize file rooms and closet space, it’s all been good.  But the busyness hasn’t removed the emotional affects, only diverted it for a while.  Friday I finally faced the reality and let the tears flow, and then I couldn’t get them to stop (Just ask ).  But it’s Tuesday and I am better and looking forward to meeting the new boss in person tomorrow. 

It’s time for our new adventure to begin. It’s the next chapter and I’m anxious to turn this page and see where it’s headed.

Ready or not, Wednesday is coming!

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit:  photoXpress.com\ author: grekoff
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